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Gender, sexuality and the internet

Posted Wed 20 Aug 2014 - 12:52

Have we taken over the internet or has it taken us over? Are we using or being used by the internet? How can we resist the globalised commodification of the internet and defend it as open, diffused, decentralised and subversive? Is the divide between our online and offline lives blurring? Is this empowering or threatening? Many fascinating questions that look not for a definite and absolute answer, but to be debated in a frame of respect of women’s and sexual rights, online and offline.

In last April, Malaysia was the backdrop for academics, feminist and queer activists, and internet rights and policy specialists from diverse organisations and networks coming from many different countries to reflect on and analyse contentious issues of gender, sexuality and the internet. Most of the material featured in this edition draws on those debates and takes them further. We proudly introduce the evolving Feminist Principles of the Internet drafted with the participation of many activists, and the first research outputs from the “End violence: Women’s rights and safety online project” highlighted in the resources section. We hope that the articles and resources offered in this GenderIT.org edition trigger your curiosity, and expand your exploration of gender, sexuality and online environments.

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You shall no longer be strange, internet

Nadine Moawad on Wed 20 Aug 2014 - 13:57
Nadine is the EROTICS project coordinator. Activist, blogger, organizer, techie, high school teacher, feminist, leftist, secularist, works on gender and sexuality, she is based in Lebanon and tweets at @nmoawad

I’d bet my internet that one of your first experiences with the digital social had something to do with sex. Unsolicited nudity arriving in your inbox? Hundreds of sex-related IRC channels that popped up while you searched for your local radio chatroom? Pop-ups spiraling out of control on Internet Explorer? Or maybe you went looking for it in a Lycos search. Or maybe you built a geocities site with gifs and midi music and a sparkling background over which you (barely visibly) wrote something about sex. Or maybe it was you who would connect to the #0!!!!!!!!girls_love_sex IRC channel on Dalnet back when hashtags were rooms and not keywords.