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Policy Approaches As Enabling Frameworks

Sonia Gill
Sonia Gill on 15 February, 2005 · Global
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The paper urges the gender-advocacyi movement to consider adopting new approaches to encourage the media to participate in the advancement of women.

Gender Mainstreaming Framework for UNDP Albania

on 13 February, 2005
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Gender Mainstreamingi Framework should help to promote gender equityi into all aspects by increasing economic, social and political empowermenti of women.

Roma Information Project: The Roma Women's Movement Takes on Technology

Maria Metodieva
Maria Metodieva on 13 February, 2005
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Roma women thoughts regarding the Open Society Institute and the Advocacyi Project carried out Roma information Project (RIP). The goal of the project was to introduce a selected number of Roma women organisation in Central and Easter Europe to information technology.

Call For A Global Grassroots Campaign To Enhance Women's Access, Employment And Image In The Media

Rita Henley Jensen
Rita Henley Jensen on 13 February, 2005
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affirmative action, media management, equal opportunity law
The paper explores how women have been prevented from full participation in the news media, particularly in media management. The author recommends a grassroots campaign to address this issue and push for a non-discrimination policyi in US newsrooms.

Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation of the National ICT Strategy

on 13 February, 2005
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This document presents a list of indicators proposed to be used for monitoring and evaluationi of the development of ICTs in Albania. It accompanies the National (Albania) ICT Strategy.

National ICT strategy for Albania

on 13 February, 2005
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This Strategy document describes the general goals of the Strategy and defines a number of strategic actions that serve to achieve these general goals.

Gender Mainstreaming in Information and Communications

Joan Ross Frankson
Joan Ross Frankson on 13 February, 2005 · Global
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A Reference Manual for Governments and Other Stakeholders. This manual is intended to serve as an accessible reference for those effecting gender management policies in government and other services in Commonwealth countries.

Cutting Edge Pack: Supporting Resources Collection

Susie Jolly and Lata Narayanaswamy
Susie Jolly and Lata Narayanaswamy on 13 February, 2005 · Global
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Document includes summaries of key texts, case studies, tools, guidelines and key organisations in the area of Gender& ICTi.

Cutting Edge Pack: Gender and ICTs Overview Report

Anita Gurumurthy
Anita Gurumurthy on 13 February, 2005 · Global
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Bridge Cutting Edge Pack on "Gender and ICTsi" is a critique of the IT and ICT4D world through a feminist perspective.

Recommendations: Approved During The Discusion On RoundTable "Gender and WSIS"

This document outlines the recommendations to the WSIS of the Serbia and Montenegro Round Table.