Feminist reflection on internet policies

Changing the way you see ICT


Gender Issues in ICT policy in developing countries: an overview

The paper highlights specific measures that could be incorporated into ICT policy policy. Style Information: n/a">i in developing countries to ensure gender equality
Source:DAC (Development Assistance Committee) Guidelines for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Development Co-Operation, Development Co-operation Guidelines Series, OECD, 1998.


Some thoughts on gender and telecommunications/ICT statistics and indicators

The paper emphasises the importance of gender disaggregated statistics and indicators in informing national and global ICTinformation and communications technology. ">i policies.

Overcoming the gender digital divide: understanding ICTs and their potential for the empowerment of women

Sophia Huyer and Tatjana Sikoska
Sophia Huyer and Tatjana Sikoska on 10 February, 2005 · Global
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The document is a synthesis of the results of the Virtual Seminar Series on gender and ICTinformation and communications technology. ">i, and online forum for exchange of research-based knowledge and information.

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Gender

The paper is a survey and brief analysis of various research studies and publications done on gender and ICTsGenderIT.org">i between 1998 and 2001. The author identifies women’s lack of participation in ICT policymaking and production as one of the key issues to consider in bridging the gender digital divide
[PowerPoint presentation, October 2000]


ICT in Education: e-Primers for the Information Economy, Society and Polity

Victoria L. Tinio
Victoria L. Tinio on 10 February, 2005 · Global
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The e-primer is intended to help policymakers define a framework for the appropriate and effective use of ICTs in educational systems.

Towards A Knowledge-Based Economy: Country Assessment Reports

on 6 February, 2005
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The reports provide an overview of a situation in the areas relevant to the development and functioning of the knowledge-based economyinformation society.">i.
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