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Marginalised desires and the internet

Nyx McLean
Nyx McLean on 12 August, 2014
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Nyx McLean is a researcher specialising in gender, sexuality and digital communities. She is currently working on her PhD which explores how the LGBTIAQ community in South Africa uses the internet as a counter public.

This article explores marginalised desires and the need individuals have to express these desires online, especially when it may not be safe to do so offline. Attention is brought to the need to protect individuals’ rights to engage in sharing content and expressing their desires online; and the need for digital security to protection their data and identities. The article also discusses notions of identity, community and the need to form safe spaces (including the need to report violence experienced online).

Video: Feminist talks on a feminist internet

FF and CT
FF and CT on 12 May, 2014 - 18:25
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During APC's Global Meeting on Gender, Sexuality and the Interneti where we explored our collective understanding of what a feminist internet looks like, we asked participants to tell us their vision of a feminist internet.

Imagining a digitally secure, feminist internet

Rohini Lakshané
Rohini Lakshané on 9 May, 2014 - 14:55
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Rohini Lakshané is the editor of EROTICS India, a former technology journalist and a Wikipedian. Her core interests include 'openness', technology for good and online civil liberties.

This is the second in a series of posts reporting on the Global Meeting on Gender, Sexuality and the Interneti held in Port Dickson, Malaysia from April 13 to 17, 2014, to envision a feminist internet and to evolve a framework for it. Around 50 activists working on gender irights, sexual rightsi and Internet rights iin different parts of the world had come together for the meeting.

Sexual rights, internet rights, and feminism!

Ritu Srivastava
Ritu Srivastava on 8 May, 2014 - 18:44
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Ritu Srivastava has many years of professional experience in ICT development, managing programmes and projects at different stake-levels of competency. She is a member of the Digital Empowerment Foundation in India.

Sexual rightsi! What are you talking about? Does this kind of right exist in India? I never thought about it before I attended Global Meeting on Gender, Sexuality and Technology.

Interview with Nana Darkoa: Adventures from the bedroom of an African woman

Flavia Fascendini
Flavia Fascendini on 5 May, 2014
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Flavia is Spanish and Portuguese GenderIT.org editor.

Three (and many more) online is not a crowd – neither online nor offline. That is what the multi-award-winning blogi "Adventures from the bedrooms of African women" posits. In this interview, one of the blogi's founders and writers, Nana Darkoa from Ghana, talks about how this space started, what the boundaries are, and what it takes to build a safe and free space where African women can openly discuss a variety of issues related to sex, pleasure and sexuality – in spite of trolls and bad kissers.

APC held a global meeting on gender, sexuality and the interneti in Malaysia between 12 and 17 April, to explore and develop the collective understanding of what a feminist internet looks like. One of the goals of the meeting was to find, within a sex-positive queeri framework, an agreement on core feminist principles for a transformative internet, in order to develop a set of evolving Feminist Principles of the Internet.

_“Have we taken over the internet or has it taken us over?”; “Are we using or being used by the internet?”; “How can we resist the globalised commodification of the internet and defend it as open, diffused, decentralised and subversive?”; “Is the divide between our online and offline lives blurring? Is this empowering or threatening?”_ These were some of the fascinating questions raised during the intense debates that took place for three days, when academics, feminist and queeri activists, and internet rights iand policyi specialists from diverse organisations and networks coming from many different countries reflected on and analysed contentious issues of gender, sexuality and the internet, including questions around “harmful content”, pornographyi, “hate speech”, gender-based violence and sexual rightsi. We invite you to look through some of the materials reflecting the debates that took place during the meeting.

APC held a global meeting on gender, sexuality and the internet in Malaysia between 12 and 17 April, to explore and develop the collective understanding of what a feminist internet looks like.

#imagineafeministinternet: "No topic was off limit," says Nana Darkoa

Nana Darkoa
Nana Darkoa on 22 April, 2014 - 08:21
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Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah writes for the blog "Adventures from the bedrooms of African women" alongside her team mate Malaka and various guest contributors. Posts on the blog are generally based on the personal experiences of contributors, as well as random sources of inspiration including interesting articles, conversations with friends, books we have read, good sex, bad sex, bad kissers…

I want to share with you some of the highlights of the meeting. The nutshell version is that it was an extremely useful meeting, relevant to my day job (as a Communications Specialist) and absolutely relevant to what we do on this blogi. Part of what the made the meeting amazing was that I got to meet many feminists, queeri activists and techies from all over the world in particular from the Global South. That alone was amazing.

Time to come out!: Pioneering women in history of technology

FF and CT
FF and CT on 15 April, 2014 - 09:17
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Check out these videos of Jac sm Kee introducing these women's stories and contributions to technology during the Global Meeting on Gender, Sexuality and Technology in April 2014.

What does it take to create a feminist internet?

FF on 14 April, 2014 - 05:05
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Is a feminist interneti possible? How has the internet shifted the way we understand power, politics, activism and agency? These are the insights of many activists under the call to #imagineafeministinternet.

Sexuality, feminism, activism and the internet we dream of

FF on 14 April, 2014 - 04:46
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“Which is the internet we dreamed of?” was the main question raised during the first day of the Global Meeting on Gender, Sexuality and the Internet which is taking place in Port Dickson, Malaysia, until April 17th, to explore and develop the collective understanding of what a feminist internet looks like. What did we expect from the internet 10, 15 or 20 years ago? What did we hope the internet would do for feminism and social activism? What were the milestones during this time? How did it affect women’s movements? And how do we live our lives on the internet today as activists?

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