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Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia: Cross-country Study on Violence against Women and Information Communication Technologies

María Isabel Davidziuk and María Alejandra Davidziuk
María Isabel Davidziuk and María Alejandra Davidziuk on 22 February, 2010
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María Isabel and María Alejandra Davidziuk compare the findings of four national reports from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia undertaken as part of the APC WNSP project “Strengthening women’s strategic useAPC Annual Report 2005">i of ICTinformation and communications technology. ">is to combat violence against womenStyle Information: N/a Source: www.takebackthetech.net/whatstheissue ">i and girls”. In their analysis they look at some barriers (both institutional and cultural) that need to be overcome in order for ICTs to be successfully used to decrease violence against women and girls.

Generally speaking, in the Latin American countries studied, there are no laws or public policies that explicitly link the issue of violence against women and communications and/or ICTs. The intersection between these two areas of human rightsi is effectively non-existent in the countries of focus. Nevertheless, the report highlights examples of ICT policies in which different countries in the region have shown some progress.

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