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THE WORLD WIDE WEB OF DESIRE: Content Regulation on the Internet

Namita Malhotra
Namita Malhotra on 8 November, 2007 · Global
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It is obvious that the discourse around content regulationi has shifted mostly towards the protection of children from harmful content and child pornographyi on the interneti. Any references to gender-related concerns were dropped, including even problematic conceptions that women and children need the paternalistic protection of the statei or international bodies from harmful content. One can speculate that this could possibly mean (in a positive sense) that women are no longer viewed only as “victims” and because of their own agency do not require the protectionist attitude of the state. Or, on the other hand, women’s movements, feminists and others working on gender ihave encountered and realised the hazards of demanding protection from the state, in the interests of their own freedom of expressioni and because of their alliances with civil society, non-governmential organisations and social movements.

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