's team @ Internet Governance Forum 2010, Vilnius

9 September 2010

What is the role of the interneti in defending and realising women's rightsi and sexual rightsEroTICs- Literature Review ">i? What are our positions as women's rightsi and sexual rights advocates on how the internet should be governed? From 14-17 September GenderIT.orgSource: APC Annual Report 2006 ">i team had been assisting at the Fifth Internet Governance Forum Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a forum for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on how the internet is run. It was set up at the end of 2005 by the United Nations Secretary-General following a resolution made by governments at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

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Source: APC">iin Vilnius, Lithuania. The GenderIT Feminist Talk contributors and tweeters at the fifth IGF are Jac sm Kee (Malaysia), Jan Moolman (South Africa), Katerina Fialova (Czech Republic) and Analía Lavin (Uruguay) - from and APC communications teams - and Maya Ganesh (India), Francoise Mukuku (DRC, Si Jeunesse Savait), Marina Maria (Brazil, Sexuality Policyi Watch), “Nyx” (South Africa), "T. Q." (Lebanon) and Nighat Dad (Bytes For All, Pakistan) - from APC WNSP's partners on the EroTICSi Research Project and MDG3i:Take back the tech!Source: APC Annual Report 2006 ">i project . Join the debate!

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