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Report from the ICT Training for Bulgarian Women

Christina Haralanova , Maria Velichkova
Christina Haralanova , Maria Velichkova on 22 February, 2005
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The report is based on the experience from the ICTi Training for Bulgarian Women from NGOs

The reality of virtual reality: the internet’s impact within gender equality advocacy communities in Latin America

Elisabeth Jay Friedman
Elisabeth Jay Friedman on 21 February, 2005
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gender advocacy, networking, democracy, civil society, strategic use, mobilization, gender equality organizations
"ICTi can impede inclusion and participation if users do not pay attention to its effects on communities and the structures of organizations themselves. Deliberate and thoughtful engagement with the technology is essential". This is one of the assumptions presented in this study, where the author analises the potential of ICT to foster democratic relations and effective strategies within civil society and looks at the internet’s influence on advocacyi communities, especially within the women's movement and organizations.

Globalisation and ICT: Employment Opportunities for Women

Swasti Mitter
Swasti Mitter on 15 February, 2005 · Global
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Business to Business Commerce, B2B, Business to Consumers, B2C, E-commerce, Women Entrepreneurs, Home-based business, Micro-finance, Call Center, Teleworking, Tele-working
In view of international focus on poverty reduction and the Millennium Development Goals, and the close connection of gender equalityi to achieving these Goals, the paper addresses women’s use of ICTs in the six areas identified in the MDG as critical to achieving poverty reduction, as well as the potential use of ICTs to promote gender equality in poverty reduction strategies. It analyses the potential for women’s economic empowermenti, as well as employment and income-generating trends ushered in by the digital economy.

Gender Equality and Poverty Reduction in the Knowledge Society

The emphasis on ICTi as a tool of economic and social empowermenti for underprivileged women raises new research questions that are relevant both for advocacyi and project work by NGOs as well as for policyi intervention by national and international bodies. The paper assesses women’s access to and use of ICTs for social empowerment and poverty reduction.


Roundtable and Recommendations on Women in Media

The presentations dealt with women's employment in the media, the images of women portrayed by the media, policyi issues to be addressed by decision-makers, and women as media decision-makers.

Communications, Education and Employment for Women through Information Technology (CEEWIT)

on 12 February, 2005
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The site of Communications, Education and Employment features methodology and teaching material for the training of women in rural areas in the use of IT technology and the Interneti and to run test courses.

Gender ICT: Issues, Implications & Opportunities (Summary of Online Discussions)

The document presents a summary of the discussions. Specific themes include access to ICTs and their use; Information, technology and women empowermenti; and Women's campaigns, networks, resources and repositories on ICT.

ICT Policy for Civil Society: Training Curriculum

on 10 February, 2005 · Global
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The Gender and ICTsi unit provides an overview of critical gender and ICT issues, their relevance for ICT policyi formulation, programme design and implementation, as well as the monitoring, evaluationi and impact assessment of ICT initiatives.

Overcoming the gender digital divide: understanding ICTs and their potential for the empowerment of women

Sophia Huyer and Tatjana Sikoska
Sophia Huyer and Tatjana Sikoska on 10 February, 2005 · Global
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The document is a synthesis of the results of the Virtual Seminar Series on gender and ICTi, and online forum for exchange of research-based knowledge and information.

Cutting Edge Pack: Gender and ICTs

Anita Gurumurthy, Susie Jolly, Lata Narayanaswamy, Ra'ida Al-Zu'bi
Anita Gurumurthy, Susie Jolly, Lata Narayanaswamy, Ra'ida Al-Zu'bi on 10 February, 2005 · Global
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BRIDGE’s Cutting Edge Pack on Gender and ICTsi consists of two components: the Overview Report and the Supporting Resources Collection.
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