Feminist reflection on internet policies

Changing the way you see ICT

Strategic Use

Gender Issues in the Information Society

This paper was published in 2003 as background material in preparation for the WSIS. It asserts that gender considerations need to be an integral component in policymaking.

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Gender

The paper is a survey and brief analysis of various research studies and publications done on gender and ICTsGenderIT.org">i between 1998 and 2001. The author identifies women’s lack of participation in ICT policymaking and production as one of the key issues to consider in bridging the gender digital divide
[PowerPoint presentation, October 2000]


E-commerce and Development Report 2003

The annual UNCTAD report analyses, from a development perspective, recent trends and advances in information and communication technologies (ICTinformation and communications technology. ">i), such as e-commerce

and e-business, and examines their applications in developing countries.
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