Syar S. Alia

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Syar S. Alia is a writer and editor based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She was formerly editor of the independent online publication and platform ISSUE Magazine.

Kaos GL

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KAOS GL is a Turkish LGBT rights organisation founded in 1994. The organisation has been publishing the journal KAOS GL (now a quarterly publication) since its founding.


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Juliet is a development practitioner with a special focus on women, peace and security. As a researcher, trainer and evaluator at Isis-WICCE, she has interfaced with women and men in post-conflict Uganda, Liberia, South Sudan, Sierra… Read more…

Bytes for All

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Bytes for All (B4A), Paquistan es una organización de derechos humanos y un think tank de investigación con foco en las tecnologías de información y comunicación. Es una organización miembro de APC y socia en el proyecto "Basta de… Read more…

Rima S. Athar

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Rima S. Athar is an independent researcher, human rights activist and feminist organiser.

Women, Action and the Media

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WAM! is an independent North American nonprofi dedicated to building a robust, effective, inclusive movement for gender justice in media, with chapters across the United States and Canada.

Mohammad Tarakiyee

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Tarakiyee is a campaign coordinator for APC with a focus on digital security, online rights and internet governance. He is also a member of the Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA). He has led campaigns to advocate against online… Read more…

Sylvie Nyombo

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Yildiz Tar

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Yıldız Tar is a journalist and author from Turkey. Yildiz wrote a book titled “Comrade I am Faggot” and worked as a reporter and editor for several news agencies, magazines and newspapers. Yildiz currently works as an editor of daily… Read more…

Dominemos la tecnología

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¡Dominemos la tecnología! es una campaña de colaboración que se lleva acabo durante los 16 Días de Activismo contra la Violencia de Género. Es un llamado a todos/as los/as usuarios/as de TIC – especialmente a niñas y mujeres – a tomar… Read more…

Alexandra Groome

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Based in Montreal, Canada, Alex is Executive Assistant at the Association for Progressive Communications and sells lettuce, herbs, and microgreens for a company called Urban Barns Foods in her spare time. She graduated with a BAH in… Read more…

Maggie Hazvinei Mapondera

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Maggie Hazvinei Mapondera works in Communications for Just Associates Southern Africa, a global network of activists, popular educators and scholars in 27 countries working to strengthen and amplify the voice, visibility and collective… Read more…

Carly Nyst

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Carly Nyst works for Privacy International and directs PI's work in developing countries. Carly is an Australian-qualified lawyer who has worked in human rights law and advocacy at both national and international levels.

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The Women Human Rights Defender International Coalition is a resource and advocacy network supporting women defenders worldwide.

Kamilia Manaf

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Kamilia Manaf holds a bachelor of Public Relations and is one of the founders of Institut Pelangi Perempuan (Indonesian Young Queer Women's Organization). She is a radio journalist at the Women's Journal Foundation and author of a book… Read more…

Nica Dumlao

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