GenderIT.org writers are the engine and soul of the think tank – monitoring the latest trends in internet policy and culture, and deepening our feminist analysis and vision. Our writers are journalists, activists, lawyers, bloggers, and they also are illustrators, cartoonists, video-makers and filmmakers. Many come from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Arabic-speaking countries. Some have been with Genderit.org for a long time, and others have just joined.

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Heike Jensen

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Weiting Xu

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Patricia Litho

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Anupama Saxena

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Gayathry Venkiteswaran

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Gayathry is a PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, where she also teaches media and politics and communications technologies. Her research focus is on media reforms in Southeast Asia.


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Aayush is a researcher with the Centre for Internet and Society, India. He works on labour, technology and feminist theory.


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Amita Seve

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Amita is a Malaysian-born illustrator with a passion for good lighting and atmospheric images inspired by nature, fantasy and vintage art. Check her work on her website, Instagram and Twitter.
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Amrita Vasudevan

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Amrita is a research associate at IT for Change. She is engaged in policy research on Internet-related public policy issues and inclusive e-governance. She is currently handling a regional research study on evaluating the effectiveness of... Read more…


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Ana Cristina Joaquim

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Ana Cristina Joaquim (Brasil) es fotógrafa, poeta, ensayista e investigadora en poesía lusófona moderna y contemporánea. Actualmente realiza una investigación posdoctoral en la Universidad Estatal de Campinas UNICAMP/Universidad de Oporto... Read more…
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Anasuya Sengupta

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As an advocate, strategist and facilitator for communities and organisations, Anasuya Sengupta has worked nationally in India, regionally across the Global South, and internationally for over 20 years. She is committed to amplifying voices... Read more…
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Anna Akhmatova

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Anna creció en IRC y aprendió de la comunidad Linux cómo hackear. Su trabajo explora la intersección entre tecnología, activismo, artes y medios y plataformas de comunicación. Es coautora de Safer Nudes! y Chupadatos desarrollados en... Read more…
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