GenderIT @ Internet Governance Forum 2014

APC at IGF 2014: Bishakha Datta on the Feminist Principles of the Internet

on 21 Oct 2014
Feminist activist and filmmaker Bishakha Datta of Point of View (India) helped draft the groundbreaking Feminist Principles of the Internet. An initiative of APC's Women's Rights Programme, this tool for advancing internet rights was launched at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul, Turkey in September 2014. APC’s Elvira Truglia spoke to Datta during the IGF about the relevance of the Feminist Principles of the Internet.

World Pulse brings the power of its international network to IGF to advance women’s digital inclusion worlwide

on 24 Sep 2014
When the ninth annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) commenced in Istanbul, Turkey, Portland-based World Pulse, a network of tens of thousands of women and allies in more than 190 countries, has an opportunity to accelerate digital inclusion for women worldwide.

(Re)govern and (Re)imagine a feminist internet: Sex, rights and internet governance at the IGF 2014

Caroline Tagny on 23 Sep 2014
This year has seen major debates and developments in the internet sphere. The Snowden revelations have brought to the attention of the public problematic issues regarding surveillance and privacy online. In addition, the presence of the IGF this year in Turkey also directed the attention of internet stakeholders to the internet censorship practice in this country and in other nations.

Never mind the nipples: Sex, gender and social media

Bishakha Datta on 16 Sep 2014
This article is based on the speech given by Bishakha Datta at the Disco-Tech event organised by APC that took place at the 2014 Internet Governance Forum in Turkey.

How crucial is anonymity for sexual exploration and promoting sexual rights activism

Rafia Shaikh on 15 Sep 2014
While the debate around anonymity rarely gets seen from a feminist angle, women go through this feeling of being watched online and offline every day of their lives. It happens so often and so persistently that it has increasingly become synonymous to the experience of being a woman. It is no wonder then that the Feminists Principles of the Internet vocally advocate that “It is our inalienable right to choose, express, and experiment with our diverse sexualities on the internet. Anonymity enables this.” With the right to anonymity and a relevant right to be forgotten comes the tragic part of security and harassment under the wrap of anonymity. This complexity of creating an anonymous digital world while not enabling the harassers, hackers, or blackmailers is what makes the debate around anonymity important for internet governance. And this was part of the debate that took place during the panel titled "Anonymity by design: Protecting while connecting" at the Internet Governance Forum in Turkey.

#WhatAreYouDoingAboutVAW campaign: Social media accountability

Sara Baker on 12 Sep 2014
On 21 July, Take Back the Tech! began a campaign demanding to know what Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are doing about violence against women on their sites. Our primary goal is to get them to take a clear stand on violence against women in their terms of service and engage with diverse civil society to find solutions for safer platforms

Why do the Feminist Principles of the Internet matter?

Dhyta Caturani on 12 Sep 2014
The internet is believed to be an open space for everyone to express themselves freely. So why do we need a set of principles to "govern" us?

IGF 2014: From Istanbul with love or “honey trap”?

Kamilia Manaf on 12 Sep 2014
Looking for love online can be exhilirating and fun. But for LGBTIQ relationships, there is a need for safe, unpoliced spaces to allow for personal and political growth. Kamel Manaf explores how sex and internet activism link and overlap.

9th Internet Governance Forum: Gender and sexuality online

Dhyta Caturani on 11 Sep 2014
There were several sessions and side meetings at the 9th Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Out of those, there were only a few on gender and sexuality, and this post is about the ones I had the privilege to attend. On September 1st, before the IGF officially started, the Association For Progresssive Communications (APC), organized a day-long pre-event meeting on Sex, Rights, and Internet Governance. The meeting brought together women's rights, sex rights, and internet rights activists together to discuss those intersecting issues.

Women's rights at the 2014 IGF on 8 Sep 2014
All sorts of members of the internet community got together for the 2014 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul from September 2-5. There were hundreds of workshops and meetings and side events, and even an entirely parallel Internet Ungovernance Forum, challenging the dominance of governments and corporations at the IGF.
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