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Communication in Movement

Kateřina Fialová on 2 Jun 2010
“Communication in Movement”, a new publication of ALAI (Agencia Latinoamericana de Información), examines the complex relations between social movements and communication.<br /> <br />

EU survey on free and open source software on 2 Jun 2010
In 2002, MERIT/Infonomics at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, carried out the FLOSS developer survey supported by the European Union. This was the first survey that provided deep insights in the international FLOSS community, its divisions, its diversity of beliefs, and its functioning.

Gender and ICTs for development: A global source book

Kateřina Fialová on 2 Jun 2010
Five case studies illustrate the different contexts facing gender and ICTs for development, including e-commerce in Bhutan, entrepreneurship by women workers in China, post-war communication using radio and ICTs in Sierra Leone, sustainable fisheries production in Ghana, and information exchange related to HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean.

Inclusion, diversity and gender equality: Gender Dimensions of the Free/Libre Open Source Software Development

Kateřina Fialová on 2 Jun 2010
This essay describes and analyses challenges (societal<br /> and organisational) and advantages (e.g. new models for<br /> mobile and collaborative work online), particularly<br /> regarding gender issues, encountered in the recent FLOSS<br /> development. The paper concludes with suggestions on<br /> how to create rules and resources and the creation of a<br /> common FLOSS space for both genders.<br />

The International Sex Trade and the Internet: Partners in Crime

Kateřina Fialová on 2 Jun 2010
The module explores the symbiotic relationship between the Internet and the international sex industry, the laws and regulations relating to it, and the ways how groups and communities have been using technology to combat trafficking and explore options for and objections to regulating the Web's content.

Women's Electronic Network Training (WENT)

Jac sm Kee on 2 Jun 2010
The Women's Electroninic Networking Training (WENT) promotes the use of information and communication technology to enhance women's role and capacity in social and policy advocacy.

Report from the ICT Training for Bulgarian Women on 2 Jun 2010
The report is based on the experience from the ICT Training for Bulgarian Women from NGOs

Gender Mainstreaming Framework for UNDP Albania

Kateřina Fialová on 2 Jun 2010
Gender Mainstreaming Framework should help to promote gender equity into all aspects by increasing economic, social and political empowerment of women.

Communications, Education and Employment for Women through Information Technology (CEEWIT)

Kateřina Fialová on 2 Jun 2010
The site of Communications, Education and Employment features methodology and teaching material for the training of women in rural areas in the use of IT technology and the Internet and to run test courses.

The "Seven Musts": Priority Issues for Gender Equality in the WSIS Process

Kateřina Fialová on 2 Jun 2010
This document outlines fundamental principles that the WSIS process should embrace in its reflections on information societies.

E-commerce and Development Report 2003

Kateřina Fialová on 2 Jun 2010
The annual UNCTAD report analyses, from a development perspective, recent trends and advances in information and communication technologies (ICT), such as e-commerce and e-business, and examines their applications in developing countries.
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