Teaching and the use of ICT in Hungary on 2 Jun 2010
It provides an overview of the context for ICT development in<br /> Hungary, examines the initial and especially the in-service teacher training provided to facilitate teachers' use of ICT in their pedagogical practice, notes the obstacles and some<br /> recent incentives for career and professional development in this field, and analyses governmental and non-governmental initiatives in Hungary to break down the digital divide in the last decade, thereby encouraging greater integration of ICT in the pedagogical practices of Hungarian schools and classrooms.

Roma Information Project: The Roma Women's Movement Takes on Technology

Kateřina Fialová on 2 Jun 2010
Roma women thoughts regarding the Open Society Institute and the Advocacy Project carried out Roma information Project (RIP). The goal of the project was to introduce a selected number of Roma women organisation in Central and Easter Europe to information technology.
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