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Comic: How we betray our gender

Sonia Randhawa on 12 Nov 2010
A fantastic comic about online sexism. Witty, creative and elegantly drawn, with comments below that prove the points made in the comic.

Why I took a long flight to Vilnius

Francoise Mukuku on 16 Sep 2010
Francoise examines the role that mass media play as the fourth estate or power in the world, and looks at how convergence and large media companies are threatening the positive achievements of the internet in helping to create diversity, freedom of expression and greater focus on human rights reporting.

Women, Gender & Media

Jac sm Kee on 2 Jun 2010
When I was a trainer at a media and gender workshop in 2002, the only male participant there confessed, “Our organisation is not prioritising gender actually. We are more concerned about other issues – issues which are political”. This statement reveals much about the stand that most media institutions take on gender.

Cambodia, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines: Cross-country Study on Violence against Women and Information Communication Technologies

Sonia Randhawa on 2 Jun 2010
Sonia Randhawa, writer and editor, compares the findings of four national reports from Cambodia, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines undertaken by the APC WNSP as part of the project “Strengthening women’s strategic use of ICTs to combat violence against women and girls”.
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