Unsolicited advice, 18 years and menstruation

Tarryn Booysen on 20 Apr 2015
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Statement: “Miss Internet Bali” and women's participation at the Internet Governance Forum 2013

APC on 23 Oct 2013
The Internet Governance Forum is a United Nations mandated space and as such, we expect and demand adherence to respectful and non-discriminatory standards of behavior. As participants of the Internet Governance Forum 2013 who are working to advance gender equality and the active participation of women in Internet governance policy dialogue and processes, we see this as a huge step back taken by organisers in this process.

Power of stories to reclaim women's rights

on 14 Dec 2012
The 2012 "Take Back the Tech! campaign":, a collaborative campaign that takes place annually during the "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence":, featured 16 stories for 16 days. Each of these stories presented a different way how internet and mobile technologies affect the lives of women and girls around the world. "One of these stories was from Nica and Jothi": from the "Foundation for Media Alternatives":, who wrote about their struggle for legal redress for technology-related violence against women in Philippines claiming that _“without the full recognition of women’s human rights, the path to recognition can sometimes act to cripple instead of empower”._ Because, ultimately, what does women rights mean if they can not be practiced? What does the right to a life free of violence mean, if many women are not able to enjoy it? What does internet rights are if women can not communicate safely? This edition, "editorialized by Françoise Mukuku": from the Democratic Republic of Congo, reflects on some of issues emerged from these stories of survivor and courage. _Image taken from the "feminist flashmob for women´s rights video": co-organised by the Fundation for Media Alternatives as part of the actions for the Take Back the Tech!, which took place in the Plaza Miranda from Manila, Philippines, to celebrate the International Day of Human Rights"_ .

Comic: How we betray our gender

Sonia Randhawa on 12 Nov 2010
A fantastic comic about online sexism. Witty, creative and elegantly drawn, with comments below that prove the points made in the comic.
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