India: Government should get out of the way

Grady Johnson on 29 Jul 2011
The net has often been portrayed by the media in India as "being a lair of sexual predators". Grady looks at some of the contradictions between policy and practice that were revealed by the EROTICS research in India, which explored the ways that young women negotiate risks online as they strategically use the internet to explore, define and challenge boundaries of gender and sexual norms.

“The youth are good for nothing”: session on social exclusion

Nyx McLean on 15 Sep 2010
Nyx attended a session on social exclusion, where the portrayal of youth by a Kenyan MP, and his ignorance of what was going on even in the conference around him, caused her to reflect on youth and their engagement in governance processes.

Some Thoughts on Youth Participation at the IGF

ItsAllMaya on 17 Nov 2009
<a href="" target="_blank">Workshop #277</a> in Siwa Room 9 was bursting at the seams. They had to bring in extra chairs and more than once my laptop screen was bumped, nudged and shaken by large bottoms and smooth, dimpled elbows jostling for a better shot. Cameras flashed and popped, and people from the meeting rooms next door were later overheard complaining about the noise. Who were these celebrities? They were about 20-30 young people enrolled in and leading youth participation activities through two organizations – <a href="">Childnet International </a>from the UK, and the <a href="">Cyber Peace Initiative</a> (or, ‘Net-Aman’ meaning Net-Safety in Arabic) of the Suzanne Mubarak Women’s International Peace Movement – and their trainers, minders, parents, teachers and friends, as well as a UK Member of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alun White, and representatives from the SMWIPM
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