APC Women's Networking Support Program in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Women’s Networking Support Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean (PARM LAC) has sixteen members that work to support women’s organisations in their access and strategic use of new information and communication technologies. PARM LAC is also involved in work for ICT policies centred in people’s interests and needs.


  • Networking for change: members’ involvement in the gender and ICT field for the advancement of women’s rights and equal opportunities.

  • Research: conducting research to know more about ICT incidence in the development and achievements of the women’s movement in the region.

  • Gender and ICT policies: PARM LAC is a member of the CRIS Campaign and of the network of Latin American communication organisations working for the democratisation of communications in the region. In cooperation with the APC LAC ICT Policies Monitor, PARM LAC has organised workshops on gender and ICT issues and has produced articles to debate women’s contribution to the discussion of ICT policies.

  • PARM LAC members have been involved in the WSIS process in the region and have participated in the regional WSIS conference and in the Summit in Geneva. They are also taking part in the discussions towards WSIS Phase II.

  • PARM LAC has participated with workshops about Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) and Gender and ICT Policies in the III Latin American Encounter of Telecentres, the Social Forum of the Americas (2004) and in the World Social Forum (2005).
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