@ the Commission on the Status of Women 2011, New York

8 March 2011

From 22 February to 4 March 2011, the team took part in the 55th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York. The CSW is a global policy-making body of the United Nations dedicated to gender equality and the advancement of women. This year's session looked at science and technology from the perspective of women's access to education and employment. Some communication advocates felt disappointed that theme of science and technology was so narrowly defined, and argued that technology, such as internet or cellphones, enables women to exercise wider range of rights, including active political participation or sexual rights.

Read about what happened in New York, and engage in Feminist Talks on women's communication rights and what the UN Women, a new UN agency recently launched in New York, ought to look at in terms of employing media in the advancement of women's rights. To get the latest recommendations on technology from the experience of women and girls on the ground check out our 'Special CSW edition: Can technology transform women's reality?'. We also invite you to take a stand and sign the pledge - I don't forward violence! a new campaign launched by the APC to stop the spread of violence by committing not to forward abusive messages. CSW2011 Team: Dafne Plou, Flavia Fascendini, Jac sm Kee, Jan Moolman, Katerina Fialova and Sonia Randhawa

Image: Some rights reserved by SustainUS

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