Pulling apart the patriarchy: Edition in commemoration of Heike Jensen

17 June 2015

News of Heike Jensen’s death from cancer, on 3 February 2014, reached internet governance academic and civil society networks a year later. As Marianne Franklin, friend and colleague from GigaNet, puts it: “The networks and the hands-on work in which Heike engaged are cross-border, cross-sector and interdisciplinary by nature and predilection. This is why news of her death has been a ripple of both physical and virtual proportions.”

We couldn’t agree more with Franklin when she says, “All the networks, and the people who knew Heike, who worked with her are poorer for losing her, so young.” This GenderIT.org edition is in tribute to this amazing woman who contributed to our ability to question, interrogate and rebuild the institutions and architecture of the internet in more equitable ways. In the words of Sonia Randhawa, we hope that through this edition, readers will be driven not only to investigate Heike’s work more deeply, but also to engage in the deeper project of imagining, sharing and building an internet and a broader future without the shackles of patriarchy.

Image by Julie Davis used under Creative Commons license.

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