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Internet playing a vital role nowadays, whether good or bad, it all depends on use. Social media platform on internet is something that has a huge impact on the life of people. Both men and women or boys and girls are using social networking sites in huge numbers. Here I read your and it is something about sexual activism and your article is quite informative though. Social media or internet really making things a lot easier for sex workers these days no doubt about it. Even people are sharing their privacy on internet/social media without any hesitation. Some girls or celebs are also sharing their private pics online most probably on cloud computing based social platform. Perhaps, I have seen a lot of these activities. Sometimes I feel that is the advance technology or online social media service helping us or someway we are distracting and spoiling ourselves. But it matters when it comes to the reality. We will not deal with the things always virtually.

Anonymous - 2 years 18 weeks ago


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