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Frame 1.
Text: Shalini focused on the children and set out to interview them.
Image description: child speaks on the phone with Shalini.
Dialogue: Shalini: Are you watching the classes on TV? Child: Yes... Shalini: Are you understanding what you are being taught? Child: Not really.

Frame 2.
Image description: students work around a desk with papers, pencils and a computer kit with a small screen, keyboard and speakers.
Text: Shalini got to work and developed an amazing device. The Webinar Pi enables five students to gather around it, while also safely distancing.

Frame 3.
Image description: five migrants walking in the country.
Text: Needs seemed abundant, but acts of care too were plentiful. Stranded: with no job, no money, and no roof over their heads. Women and children migrating back to the villages with not much hope in sight. That’s when the network really came together.