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What began as a small fundraising drive in July 2017 for Kéfir, a feminist libre tech co-op, has transformed into exploring the importance of feminist infrastructure in Latin America. This is an ongoing conversation between Erika Smith, from Take Back the Tech and APC-WRP with members of the collective Kéfir on infrastructure and the internet, labour in movements, and how to set up new collectives that have to exist within and with economic, social and political hegemonies.
In April 2017 Facebook announced a new tool that will prevent an intimate image posted without consent from being shared further on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Erika Smith and Fungai Machirori go deep and debate the pros and cons of this proposed system, and how feminist-friendly and positive about alternate sexualities it is.
Conversaciones Feministas
Cuando recibes llamadas a toda hora de mujeres desesperadas por que eliminen de la red fotos íntimas suyas publicadas sin su consentimiento, resulta un alivio enterarse de la última movida de Facebook para enfrentar la distribución no consensuada de imágenes íntimas. ¡Por fin!
Conversaciones Feministas
Unas 50 mujeres participaron de una sesión pública de sexting que rompió con algunas ideas preconcebidas sobre esta modalidad tan demonizada de la expresión sexual en internet.