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Ani Phoebe Hao

Ani Phoebe Hao is a feminist writer, editor, researcher and consultant. Her areas of research and writing include young feminist-led movements in Brazil, abortion rights and online organizing/digital activism. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, Broadly, AWID, and Open Democracy. She is the co-founder of Agora Juntas, a young feminist-led network in Rio de Janeiro and is also a DJ, founder of feminist DJ collective minasö in Brazil.

Feminist talk

Bárbara Paes on Black feminist cyberactivists in Brazil and the neoliberalism of "women in tech"

Posted Mar 10 Nov 2020 - 17:36 | 4,409 views

Ani Hao interviews Bárbara Paes, a young Brazilian feminist, co-founder of Minas Programam. In this conversation they delve into Black feminist activism in Brazil, feminism funding and the co-optation of gender issues in technology spaces.

Barbara Paes with young women in a workshop

In depth

La libertad en Internet no es suficiente - Las ciberfeministas están luchando por una nueva realidad

Posted Mar 10 Dic 2019 - 22:59 | 4,317 views

Este artículo habla acerca de cómo las ciberfeministas vienen profundizando en que los derechos digitales sean una realidad para mujeres, personas LBT, poblaciones que no hablan inglés y otras comunidades del Sur global.

Representación artística de dos cuerpos humanos junto a una burbuja con frases.

In depth

Internet Freedom is Not Enough - Cyberfeminists Are Fighting For a New Reality

Posted Mié 4 Dic 2019 - 14:44 | 9,651 views

Today, feminist activists are claiming that digital rights are human rights, too. This article talks about how cyberfeminists, especially from the global South, are going deeper into making digital rights a reality for women, LBT individuals, non-English speaking people in the global South.

Artistic representation: two people with a text bubble in the middle.