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Bruna Zanolli

Bruna Zanolli is an activist, community media consultant and self-taught technician in the areas of community networks and digital care. She is interested in how intersectional feminist, decolonial thinking and popular education can be used as tools to narrow the gaps of access and to increase digital care.

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Connecting reflections through a community network's experience in Brazil

Posted Jue 20 Oct 2022 - 09:47 | 1,365 views

Community networks in quilombolas from Terra Seca/Ribeirão Grande in Brazil have been helping households to connect to the internet while serving individual needs of residents. In the backdrop of the FIRN research exploring the same, the authors discuss how these community-led networks connect communities with technology.

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Sharing human and internet bandwidth of a community network in the middle of a pandemic

Posted Lun 13 Dic 2021 - 13:36 | 2,636 views

In Vale do Ribeira, São Paulo, Brazil, a group of ecological, quilombola farmer women, in partnership with two feminist organisations: APC and Sempreviva Organização Feminista (SOF), managed to deploy and operate their Wi-Fi mesh network. Bruna Zanolli highlights the importance of building trust, empathy and feminist guidelines in the community so that their internet infrastructure could...

a group of women sharing knowledge on how to connect a router

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Nossas redes, nossas rotas: uma jornada ilustrada de mulheres em redes comunitárias

Posted Jue 19 Nov 2020 - 19:29 | 3,036 views

Essa jornada ilustrada foi escrita com base em relatos de mulheres reunidas em rodas íntimas de conversa acerca de suas experiências de trabalho em ambientes de Redes Comunitárias dominados por homens.

mulheres sentadas em círculo

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[Edición especial] Viaje ilustrado de mujeres por las redes comunitarias

Posted Jue 31 Oct 2019 - 12:24 | 7,374 views

Viaje bellamente ilustrado se basa en relatos colectivos de mujeres que se reunieron en círculos íntimos y entre todas compartieron sus experiencias de trabajo en espacios de redes comunitarias, dominados habitualmente por hombres.

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Our routes: women's node - an illustrated journey of women in community networks

Posted Mié 23 Oct 2019 - 18:12 | 11,679 views

In this beautifully etched illustration we follow the stories of various women who are working in community networks and their journeys with technology, autonomy and self-realisation. 

An illustrated journey of women in community networks

Voices and Views

PodCast Feminist spectrum and infrastructure

Posted Mié 8 Nov 2017 - 09:08 | 11,809 views

In this podcast we’re going to talk about women, technology, infrastructure and the electromagnetic spectrum, from a feminist perspective. First off, let’s understand technology as ways of being, living, loving, suffering, resisting, organising, cooking...all are ancestral forms of technology. We also have infrastructure - the elements that make technologies operate so powerfully.