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Dahlia Mahmoud

Dahlia Mahmoud is an international design educator and consultant with expertise in institutional outreach and devel- oping creative professional programs. Her career centers on implementing innovative design strategies and entrepre- neurial initiatives. Mahmoud teaches creative approaches to stortelling within the MENA and GCC academic structures. With a 20-year career encompassing building academic programs and cross disciplinary initiatives bridging public and private stakeholders, her research focusses mainly on the construction of regional cultural and creative industries. This is enhanced by her working knowledge of ministry standards, local and international accreditation bodies, for current and newly applied programs. Most of the creative enterprises she mentored over the past decade have promoted UNSDG goals and specifically women and youth empowerment. Of late, in the UAE her government projects include working on design & technology curricula, designing and executing talent development programs and the Masterpieces initiative for the Ministry of Education. Research and development on the future forecast study 2071 for the Ministry of Culture and Youth, as well as creative outreach initiatives for the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment & Al Futtaim. This along with launching applied innovative solution-based creative practice projects for the PMO and the Executive Office of Dubai.

Feminist talk


Posted Mar 17 Ene 2023 - 09:19 | 640 views

Too emotional, too angry, too oppressed, too something for a system built on severing every umbilical cord there is between Mother and child: Mother Earth, Mother Nature and Mother Africa. What is it like being a Black Muslim Woman in the Arab world or the world in general? In this contribution, Dahlia viscerally confronts some of the can, cannots, do and do nots society throws in the face of...