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Launched in 2006, is a groundbreaking resource site that provides feminist reviews and commentary on internet policy and culture. It started as a site monitoring policy developments on ICT and gender, and from its beginnings has been unique. Initially it was one of the first sites looking at ICT policy through a gender lens. Many years later, remains a unique space for its focus on the global South, its focus on those working at the grassroots level (grounded in the experience of the women in the society in which they live), and its emphasis on both advocacy and social justice.

Tecnologías para fortalecer los derechos económicos, sociales y culturales

Posted Mar 13 Dic 2016 - 19:18 | 4,045 views
En esta edición especial de consideramos imprescindible reflexionar sobre el rol de internet y las tecnologías de información y comunicación en la realización de los derechos económicos, sociales y culturales, acompañando una nueva edición de GISWatch, monitor de la sociedad de la información global.

Economic, Social, Cultural Rights and the Internet: The Feminist Take

Posted Mar 6 Dic 2016 - 19:44 | 8,773 views
Does internet technology make the realisation of economic, social, cultural rights a stronger possibility, especially for women and gender nonconforming people. This is the question that our edition on ESC rights and the internet seeks to answer. The GISWatch report on ESC rights looks at various contexts around the world (different stories) of how the internet has acted largely as an enabler for...

La campaña ¡Dominemos la tecnología! cumple 10 años

Posted Vie 18 Nov 2016 - 19:20 | 4,750 views
La campaña ¡Dominemos la tecnología!cumple 10 años haciendo realidad el objetivo de lograr que internet sea utilizada para expandir el movimiento contra todas las formas de violencia de género

10 years of Take Back the Tech!

Posted Mié 16 Nov 2016 - 09:50 | 10,793 views
Technology facilitates violence against women, but it also facilitates information sharing, capacity building, networking and alternative media - Take back the tech! is the realisation of the idea that the internet can be used to expand the movement against all forms of gender-based violence. This edition brings to us the voices from the campaigns from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Canada,...

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Premio Womanity: para mujeres que transforman la web

Posted Lun 14 Nov 2016 - 20:47 | 2,806 views
APC y Luchadoras/Sandía Digital, México, ganaron este año el Premio Womanity para la prevención de la violencia contra las mujeres. Celebramos este galardón y esperamos buena innovación para combatir la violencia de género en internet.

Fortitude and change in AWID Forum 2016

Posted Mié 5 Oct 2016 - 17:17 | 10,087 views

In this special edition of we share the experiences and reflections on the recent 13th AWID International Forum, in which a large group of women from APC Women's Rights Programme, from different countries and regions, participated enthusiastically. With the participation of 1,700 people from 140 countries, this year's AWID Forum showed that the feminist movement keeps growing...

Three key issues for a feminist internet: Access, agency and movements

Posted Lun 23 Mayo 2016 - 15:49 | 12,805 views
The Feminist Principles of the Internet arose from the first Imagine a Feminist Internet meeting in 2014 in Malaysia. The meeting brought together 52 women's rights, sexual rights and internet rights activists from six continents to discuss one question: "As feminists, what kind of internet do we want, and what will it take for us to achieve it?" The principles cover the topics of access, agency...

Tres áreas clave para una internet feminista: acceso, agencia y movimientos

Posted Lun 23 Mayo 2016 - 15:44 | 7,807 views
Los Principios feministas para internet surgieron de la primera reunión Imagina una internet feminista que se realizó en Malasia, en 2014. El evento reunió a 52 activistas en temas de derechos humanos, derechos sexuales y derechos en internet de seis continentes. Tuvo como objetivo discutir una pregunta: como feministas, ¿qué tipo de internet queremos y qué precisamos hacer para lograrlo? Estos...

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Posted Jue 5 Mayo 2016 - 13:28 | 4,072 views
Are you attending the AWID Forum this coming September in Brazil? Take Back the Tech! will be there for a one-day pre-event on September 7 - right before the forum starts. The event is called Imagine a Feminist Internet and is open to women's rights activists and techies who are interested in exploring the growing impact of technology on our politics, movements, and futures.

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The reality of getting online in Jamaica: How mobile phones and social media lead to violence against women

Posted Mié 20 Abr 2016 - 16:04 | 4,506 views
According to the research report “Violence against women and the use of information and communications technologies in Jamaica”, there is insufficient recognition of the relationships between information and communications technologies and violence against women in the country, and VAW in its many forms continues to be a serious problem. To know more about the Jamaican context and the research,...