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Kamilia Manaf

Kamilia Manaf holds a bachelor of Public Relations and is one of the founders of Institut Pelangi Perempuan (Indonesian Young Queer Women's Organization). She is a radio journalist at the Women's Journal Foundation and author of a book “Kami Tidak Bisu” (We Are Not Silent). Coordinator of EROTICS Indonesia (Network and Advocacy on Internet Rights and Sexuality) from 2012 until present. Happily dreaming and doing a social entrepreneurship program for queer women tourists in Indonesia.

Feminist talk

IGF 2014: From Istanbul with love or “honey trap”?

Posted Vie 12 Sep 2014 - 16:38 | 8,975 views
Looking for love online can be exhilirating and fun. But for LGBTIQ relationships, there is a need for safe, unpoliced spaces to allow for personal and political growth. Kamel Manaf explores how sex and internet activism link and overlap.

In depth

Indonesia: ¡Pónganle sexo a internet!

Posted Mar 16 Jul 2013 - 12:55 | 8,600 views
Este artículo de Kamilia Manaf y Ni Loh Gusti Madewanti describe cómo el discurso sobre la sexualidad en Indonesia se va haciendo más político y parte del ámbito público debido al impacto de las reformas que comenzaron en 1998. Sin embargo, mientras internet proporcionó un espacio para el avance de los derechos sexuales en Indonesia, la discriminación y la violencia contra los grupos LGBT y las...

In depth

Indonesia: Put sex on the internet!

Posted Mié 10 Jul 2013 - 13:57 | 14,447 views
This article by Kamilia Manaf and Ni Loh Gusti Madewanti describes how the discourse on sexuality in Indonesia is becoming more political and part of the public sphere due to the impact of the reformations begun in 1998. However, while the internet has provided a space for the advancement of sexual rights in Indonesia, discrimination and violence against LGBT groups and women in Indonesia that...