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Marcela Guerra

Marcela Guerra is a mother and craftswoman with a focus on technological appropriation and object-making. Realizing the necessity of alternative forms to access and produce information in the rural community where she lives, she let set the manual object creation aside for a while to better understand the virtual universe. Marcela is part of COOLAB and Portal sem Porteiras.

Artesana y madre, interesada en la apropiación de la tecnología y la necesidad de producir información y diseminarla en las comunidades rurales. Colabora con COOLAB y Portal sem Porteiras.

Feminist talk

The Tower

Posted Dom 12 Dic 2021 - 18:47 | 2,231 views

Marcela Guerra shakes us through her tarot card “The Tower”, raising awareness of the urgent need for a fresh start, for human-centred societies and infrastructures, or perish as Mother Nature agonises, and inequalities are exacerbated.

Feminist talk

Mujeres en las redes comunitarias de América Latina: la historia de Belem

Posted Vie 18 Dic 2020 - 19:39 | 3,683 views

GenderIT y Locnet invitaron a mujeres que trabajan en redes de internet comunitaria a compartir sus experiencias y reflexiones sobre la importancia de la comunicación significativa en sus comunidades físicas y digitales en tiempos de COVID-19. En este cómic de Marcela Guerra, conocemos la historia de Belem, basada en entrevistas a mujeres de Colombia, México, Argentina y Brasil.

woman falling in a hole

Feminist talk

Women in community networks in Latin America: the story of Belem

Posted Mié 16 Dic 2020 - 14:39 | 5,375 views

GenderIT and Locnet invited women who work in community networks to share their experiences in the times of COVID-19 and their reflections on what these times have revealed around centring meaningful communication in their physical and digital communities. This is the second part of the stories that got to be told about the acts of care in communication technologies under the pandemic.

In depth

[Edición especial] Nodos y radios en las infraestructuras comunitarias

Posted Jue 31 Oct 2019 - 18:18 | 4,800 views

Una red comunitaria en Brasil, con 12 nodos y radios, da sustento a una infraestructura que permite poner en circulación información propia y sustentar una interesante red local campesina.

Image description: A lone body high on communications tower against view of sunrise and clouds

Feminist talk

News about our community network – Portal sem Porteiras

Posted Mié 23 Oct 2019 - 18:23 | 5,432 views

In this layered podcast, the members of Portal sem Porteiras, Marcela and Luisa explore their excitement over the possibilities of their community network and how they are re-finding meaning and solace in connections. 

Image description: A lone body on tower against the sunrise and clouds