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Trusting our net

Posted Jue 10 Dic 2015 - 16:40 | 9,776 views
Shawna Finnegan and Emilar Vushe, who are the part of the Association for Progressive Communication's policy programme, engage in a conversation about their highlights of this year's Internet Governance Forum (IGF). They speak about the value of the IGF as well as barriers to access it, national and regional initiatives, and some of the biggest internet governance issues right now, such as...

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Sex and the internet: Intersectionality in internet rights

Posted Dom 13 Abr 2014 - 13:23 | 7,642 views
Why are internet rights important to sexual rights activists and why are sexual rights important to internet rights activists? These two questions formed the basis for discussion at a preparatory meeting for a global dialogue on gender, sexuality and the internet taking place in Malaysia.

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APC launches collaborative initiative to protect, promote and defend sexual rights online

Posted Jue 3 Abr 2014 - 20:55 | 6,573 views
From April 12th - 17th, APC's Women's Rights and Communications Information Policy programmes will bring together activists working in the sexual rights movement and internet rights movement to a global dialogue on Gender, Sexuality and the Internet in Port Dickson, Malaysia.

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Connecting Our Rights at IGF2013: Women and sexual rights defenders leading progress on equitable, inclusive internet policy

Posted Mié 20 Nov 2013 - 14:22 | 5,522 views
The human rights of women and sexual minorities are being increasingly impacted by the internet, not only through violence and discrimination, but through policies and legislation that do not recognise their specific contexts, concerns and capacities.

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Transparencia y rendición de cuentas: encontrar puntos de acuerdo después de la campaña #fbrape

Posted Jue 27 Jun 2013 - 15:58 | 4,130 views
En mayo, una coalición de organizaciones de mujeres lideró una campaña que exigió cuentas a Facebook por su política de contenidos. En particular, cómo la empresa encara el discurso de odio y las manifestaciones de violencia de género que comparten sus usuarios/as. En respuesta, algunos/as activistas de la libertad de expresión expresaron su preocupación y sus críticas por el precedente que...

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Transparency and accountability: Finding points of agreement following the #fbrape campaign

Posted Jue 13 Jun 2013 - 14:06 | 13,970 views
Last month a coalition of women's organisations led a campaign to hold Facebook accountable for its content policy. In particular, how it deals with hateful speech and representations of gender-based violence shared by its users. In response, freedom of expression advocates have expressed concern and criticism over the precedent set by demands for Facebook to remove hateful content from its site...