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The author works as the national coordinator of a young feminist group called Si Jeunesse Savait.

Feminist talk

The future of privacy: an internet governance issue

Posted Tue 14 Sep 2010 - 12:48 | 10,616views
Will 'privacy' in ten years be different from what we know today? Many laws need to be reviewed in light of what we know about the internet. But also, two new rights emerged that were completely new to Francoise Mukuku. They incorporate the new dimensions that the internet adds to our lives: the right to accountability and the right to privacy from design. Users should be able to say: I may make...
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Launched in 2006, GenderIT.org is a groundbreaking resource site that provides feminist reviews a

Feminist talk

GenderIT.org's team @ Internet Governance Forum 2010, Vilnius

Posted Thu 9 Sep 2010 - 03:46 | 8,774views
What is the role of the internet in defending and realising women's rights and sexual rights? What are our positions as women's rights and sexual rights advocates on how the internet should be governed? From 14-17 September, the GenderIT.org team had been assisting at the Fifth Internet Governance Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania. The GenderIT Feminist Talk contributors and tweeters at the fifth IGF...
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Translocal feminist activist, storyteller passionate for #FeministInternet FLOSS opendata, privac

Feminist talk

Gender divide/gap in Pan-European Dialogue on Internet Governance

Posted Thu 29 Jul 2010 - 20:45 | 5,640views
Valentina Pellizzer, OneWorld Platform for SouthEast Europe (owpsee) executive directress, participated in this year's EuroDIG – Pan-European Dialogue on Internet Governance, and has several objections to the very visible gender gap in terms of women's participation at the event, and in the IT sector in general. Her commentary was originally written for the Diplo Internet Governance Community...
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Erika Smith works for the APC Women's Rights Programme in the coordination team of the global Tak

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Mexico: ACTA - anyone making a fuss in your country?

Posted Mon 12 Jul 2010 - 00:00 | 8,134views
Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States of America are presently negotiating a trade agreement regarding counterfeiting and the enforcement of intellectual property rights, known as the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Erika Smith, communications coordinator of APC WNSP, took part in the...
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Magaly Pazello

Associate researcher at EMERGE Communication & Emergence Research Center, Fluminense Federal

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From the “J” spot to the cru"X" of the matter

Posted Tue 30 Mar 2010 - 15:40 | 7,351views
Where is women's "J" spot? asks Jan Moolman, making a play on the word "G-spot", in reference to Maria Suárez's (Radio FIRE) analysis of why Section J was not a priority issue at the 10-year review of the Platform for Action of the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing + 10). Moolman, in agreement with Suárez, used the word "ghetto" to emphasise that media issues and ICTs (information and...

Feminist talk

What happened to Section J?

Posted Wed 17 Mar 2010 - 22:11 | 5,492views
Sarah Macharia from the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) summaries the outcomes of the panel discussion on the Fourth Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP), which took place on March 2 in New York on the occasion of the 54th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW): “You may be aware the GMMP is a longitudinal study running since 1995 on gender in the world...
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Analia is a member of the APC's communications team.

Feminist talk

Video: Talking about section J - Games for social change

Posted Mon 15 Mar 2010 - 18:21 | 5,379views
Heidi Boisvert, from Breakthrough, talks about their experience with videogames and how she thinks the feminist movement can be involved.
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Katerina lives in Czech Republic and enjoys spending as much time possible in India.

Feminist talk

Covering Beijing+15 from the sidelines

Posted Mon 15 Mar 2010 - 15:48 | 5,526views
Olivia H. Tripon, the Philippine Bureau Chief and Country Consultant for Women’s Feature Service, is writing about her experience from the UN Media Accreditation process: "...When it comes to covering this all important review which comes every five years, one would think that media organizations like the Women’s Feature Service (WFS) which had actively covered most of the 12 areas of concern of...
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Jac sm Kee is the Women's Rights Programme Manager with the Association for Progressive Communica

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Beyond tools: Internet as a critical policy issue for the advancement of women's rights

Posted Mon 15 Mar 2010 - 14:05 | 5,592views
Jac sm Kee, the Women's Rights and ICT Policy coordinator for APC WNSP, reviews the UN Secretary-General's report on the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (E/CN.6/2010/2) and assess how close we are to realize women's right to communicate: “I wasn't present at the Beijing Conference in 1995, and having missed it, I feel like I have missed out on one of the most important moments...

Feminist talk

The “J Spot” at the 54th CSW: Celebrating women's social networking is not enough

Posted Fri 12 Mar 2010 - 23:12 | 7,085views
Heike Jensen, researcher and lecturer at the Department of Gender Studies of Humboldt University in Berlin, (Germany), is locating the section J at the 54th Commission on the Status of Women:"[The J Spot] seems to prove almost as elusive as locating its embodied cousin has turned out to be. First of all, you will not find the J Spot in this year's intergovernmental and other official debates or...