Dangerous laws, LGBT domain and the inspirational tech guru

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The anonymity network at risk

“You don’t have to watch NCIS to know that almost everything we do leaves some kind of trail or trace. Every click of the internet and every post we make, email we send and file we download are all being tracked by someone somewhere. Unless, of course, it isn’t.” More >

Source: TechCrunch, Debbie Fletcher

The biggest myth about phone privacy

Do you know that cell phone companies look at your “private” information? You may say “But I didn’t sign up for this, is this legal? Actually, you did, and it is.” More >

Source: BBC.com, Molly Crain

The inspirational tech guru who’s owning cerebral palsy like a boss

“Disability doesn’t mean disadvantage. And Farida Bedwei, a celebrated software engineer from Ghana, is proof of that.” More >

Source: CNN, Lauren Said-Moorhouse

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people can now snatch a LGBT domain

There has been a growing acceptance of the LGBT community and now it may be getting a domain name of it’s own. Read our Feminist Talk around some of the implications of this when the debate started. More >

Source: betanews.com, Brian Fagioli

10 ridiculously sexist and dangerous laws from around the world

“In Guinea women are not allowed to have “a separate profession from that of her husband” if he objects.” More >

Source: HuffingtonPost, Soraya Chemaly

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