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"*The Japanese Firm Selling Videogames to Women, Using Sex*":

"Why are women lining up to experience 'wall-thumping' or 'kabedon' at the Tokyo Game Show? Dating sim video games in Japan are one of the few video games being marketed to women."More >":

_Source: Wired, Daniel Feit_

"*Ello: the anti-Facebook meant to be private and pretty, but not this popular*":

"LGBTI social network"More >":

_Source: the Guardian, Nicky Woolf_

"*9 Ugly Lessons About Sex From Big Data*":

"Some shocking, controversial, and even downright disturbing facts revealed by big data. Watch out - your Facebook Likes reveal can reveal your gender, race, sexuality and political views." "More >":

_Source: Time, Jack Linshi_

"*When Your Job Is to Moderate the Internet's Nastiest Trolls*":

Alex Chrum, moderator for, used to sift through 50-200 questionable posts per day. Moderators have more in common with emergency room nurses and police officers than we think."More >":

_Source: Mashable, Rebecca Ruiz_

"*Apple's New Health Tracking App Forgets That Periods Exist*":

"The doctors who developed Apple's new health app forgot one of the most basic metrics of human existence: the period! Luckily, we have other options for apps..." "More >":

_Source: Jezabel, Erin Gloria Ryan_

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*, Women's Rights Programme, Association for Progressive Communications (APC), October 2nd 2014*


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