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The disappointing aftermath of that viral street harassment PSA

Girl acts in video that demonstrates the prevalence of street harassment in New York City. Girl gets harassed online, including rape and death threats. “This isn’t surprising, and reminds us that public space isn’t safe for women — whether you’re on the streets or online,” says girl. More >

Source: Mashable, Andrea Romano

The new country of Facebook

Facebook is no longer a social network. Four years ago, Mark Zuckerberg used to rhapsodise that everything was destined to be social. More >

Source: FT Magazine, Hannah Kuchler

Gender equality report: Not one country has fully closed the gap yet

“It will take 81 years for the worldwide gender gap to close if progress continues at the current rate, according to the latest report by the World Economic Forum (WEF)” – Doom and gloom. Check out the stats. More >

Source: the Guardian, George Arnette

‘F-Bombs for feminism’ takes cynical trolling to another level – are they a “for-profit t-shirt company with an activist heart” or do they just want to sell t-shirts? More >

Source: National Review, Christine Sisto

Brain pickings

Maria Popova is an interestingness hunter-gatherer. Dig into her findings on her website ‘Brain Pickings’. She’s got a great collection of everything from art to quotes to books to sounds. More >

Source: Brain Pickings, Maria Popova

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