Feminism 101 by Sister Anita [Comic]


Comic by Cisi Eze

Comic by Cisi Eze

This is the first in a three-part comic series by Cisi Eze on feminism online, gender, stereotypes and all that is funny in between


Comic by Cisi Eze

Comic by Cisi Eze

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First panel

Man pointing his finger angrily at Sister Anita who looks most unperturbed:

You feminists hate men! That is why you all want to get rid of all men!

Sister Anita, fiddling with her phone:

Mm-hmmm. Very accurate, You're right.

Second panel

Man, looking very disturbed: What?!! I thought feminism was equal rights and opportunities for the sexes!!

Third panel

Man, still looking disturbed, continues: Is it not to create a society where everyone would be treated fairly?

Sister Anita folds her arms, and looks at man sternly, but amused: Aha, so you do know what feminism is. Why do you insist on calling us man haters? Hmmmm?



Pencil and Ink: @Teeoh_Iam

Colors and Letters: @cisi_eze

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