During the Know How conference held in Mexico City from August 23-26, the Association for Progressive Communications Women's Networking Support Programme (APC WNSP) issued a call to every grrls, librarians, lecturers, writers, techies, geek grrls, bloggers, emailers, SMSers, advocates, trainers, storytellers, poets, writers, web managers, theorists, graffiti artists, photographers.. to take control of ICTs and consciously use it to disrupt gender relations. To Take Back The Tech is necessary in order to reclaim women's critical contribution to ICT development, as well as their SPACES and RIGHTS to move, shape, define, participate, use, share freely without harassment or threat to safety.

The goals of this campaign are to generate open debate around the way ICTs are connected to Violence Against Women, to provide simple strategies on how incidences of VAW can be minimised online, and to build a community that will continue to strategise around eliminating VAW through and in ICTs spaces.

APC WNSP site, along with GenderIT.org and other on-line and off-line spaces, will provide information about VAW & ICTs; strategies, tactics and solutions on how to counter VAW & ICTs; forum for discussion and exchange; documentation of cases, strategies & changes; links to different actors and resources.

We want to hear back from YOU!

Your thoughts, ideas, curiosity,suggestions in regards of any following questions will help us to shape the campaign and challenge VAW through and in ICTs spaces:

  • What are your thoughts of this action?

  • Are you interested to take part in it?

  • What do you need to take back control of ICTs? (access? community? information? strategies?)

  • How do you use technology now?

  • What tactics can you implement for 16 Days to highlight the connection between ICTs and VAW?

  • What can you do online? What spaces do you have access to?

  • What can you do offline?

  • What do you see is missing?
Register yourself at the campaign working space, and help us shape this campaign!


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hello! we have set up a working space to build and compile stuff needed for the campaign.
go to http://www.takebackthetech.net/wiki/tiki-index.php and just register yourself as a user. then simply go through the sections to see where you can input stuff you know or suggestions for ideas in!

Sounds like a wonderful campaign! I can't wait to see how it takes shape. Do you have an email list that folks can join to keep updated on this campaign or should we just keep checking back? I'd definitely like to take part in this action. Thanks!

I'm writining my thesis on how the ICT4D tools could boost and accelerate the achievement of MDGs, among which there is the epowerment of women. During my study I did a map of the organizations that deals both with ICT4D and MDGs. I was astonished to discover that there are so few organizations that cover the gender issue. I think this is terrible and shameful. In 2006 we are still fighting gender discrimination. I think that ICTs are a strong instrument, full of potentials that are not even known. I'd really like to take part in this action, thank you for waking up the society. TAKE BACK THE TECH!

In reply to by Elena Ditadi (not verified)

that's really fantastic! it would be great if you could also share your thesis with us once you are happy with it :)
as for the campaign, we are planning to set up an online space that just focuses on the issue for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or thoughts, please feel free to use this space! Keep checking back :)

In reply to by jac (not verified)

I'd really love to share my thesis with you! How can I do? And please, I'd really love to be an active part of this campaign, please keep me informed! thank you very much

In reply to by ELENA D. (not verified)

hi elena!
please see my comment on the working space for the campaign to take part in it! and as for your thesis, i would love to discuss with you more about this. send me an email, and let's talk some more :)

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