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Frame 1.

Image description: close-up of each woman while they are talking each other about the situation.

Text: From here we wondered, how were other women coping with this crisis?

Frame 2.

Image description: close-up of two of the women; one of the women takes a selfie and the other uses a laptop.

Text: This is a tale about how two community network women in India and the women around them sustained connectivity while navigating a global pandemic as the country came to a lockdown.

Frame 3

Image description: a message travelling across a world map.

Dialogue: Mail envelop: Can we speak? Telegram message: Sure

Text: Shalini works in Halekote village in Tumkur, Karnataka. Dr. Sarbani works with the Warli tribe from the Pathardi community network in Maharashtra. Villages about 830 km apart from each other and half a globe away from Brazil.