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Frame 1.
Image description: a woman making an emergency call on her mobile phone.
Dialogue of Dr. Sarbani: “We are doing fine here in the city. Trying to adapt to all these online meetings and new applications we now use. But I am worried about the situation of the women of the village and the misinformation circulating. They can call the free health hotline we created.”

Frame 2.
Image description: Smita calls from pay phone with child in her arms.
Dialogue of Smita: “Hi, this is Smita. Something is going on. There are men here from the formula milk companies and they are saying that it is dangerous to breastfeed during the pandemic. Is that true?”

Frame 3.
Image description: Image 1, a woman with a mask using a laptop to help others with mobile recharges and cash withdrawal. Image 2: two women sitting together wearing masks; one of them making a mask; the other, making medicines with herbs.
Dialogue of Dr. Sarbani: “Thankfully we trained Anjali last year through an APC project and now she is the lifeline of the village! We developed health and nutrition spoken tutorials available offline. We also encouraged them to produce masks as a form of generating income. Many of them have also been making herbal medicine, picking and selling firewood.”