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Frame 1.
Image description: three migrant women weaving baskets; they are connected to a video call with Shalini.
Text: The village craftswomen offered classes to the migrant women on how to weave baskets out of bamboo, so they could find a way to make means to get somewhere safe. Shalini helped by building bridges between them using technology.

Frame 2.
Image: a yellow crochet blanket as background for the final text.
Text: This is a story of the inspiring ways that women can support and are supporting each other through collaboration. And how efforts, great and small, can make a difference when put together. Dr. Sarbani said it best: “I don’t see connectivity as an interlinkage between different devices. I see it as a network of human relationships, understanding each other, caring for each other, trying to build up trust in each other. I see the women in the community network as those who take the responsibility of building connectivity between human beings within the community. That is something very essential.”