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Facebook takes down page showing how to use a female condom

A cartoon instructional video showing a woman inserting a female condom has been shut down by Facebook, The page that the video was uploaded to, Tea Time and Sex Chats, was a sex-ed page that posted articles about sexuality and consent. Despite the video being more instructional and themed around a woman taking responsibility of her own sexuality and safety, the page’s user was not given any due process or option to repeal before Facebook shut it down. More >

Source: Jezebel, Rebecca Rose

Women’s rights country by country – interactive

An interactive snapshot using World Bank and UN data reveals women’s rights throughout the world, region by region. This data shows how countries have legislated rights for women regarding violence, harassment, abortion, property and employment, discrimination and equality. More >

Source: The Guardian

Facebook is under fire from gay and transgender users who are being forced to use real names

Reports have been emerging from gay and transgender communities that Facebook is requiring individuals to use legal names or otherwise risk being shut down, as part of the social network’s pseudonym crackdown policy. This jeopardizes the use of anonymity, which many from the gay and transgender communities feel compelled to use in order to express their free speech and true identities. More >

Source: Gigaom, Mathew Ingram

Be a cyber superhero!

Be a Cyber Superhero is a project of the Tibet Action Institute. On the front lines of targeted online attacks for more than a decade, Tibetans have had to develop ways to combat surveillance and spying and ensure greater safety while communicating online and via mobile phones. The Tibet Action Institute develops and implements innovative training, education, and technology programs aimed at strengthening the security of Tibetans both inside Tibet and in exile. Watch their amazing video on why being a cyber superhero. More >

Source: Tibet Action Institute

14 times women were sexed up for absolutely no logical reason

These images once again remind us of how women are constantly sexualized in advertisements and other forms of media despite there being no correlation between sex appeal and cars or candy. Oh wait, sexy sells! More >

Source: The Huffington Post, Amanda Scherker

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