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Trouble at the Koolaid Point

“This month is the 10-year anniversary of my first online threat. I thought it was a one-off, then. Just one angry guy. And it wasn’t really THAT bad. But looking back, it was the canary in the coal mine…” More >

Source: Serious Pony

The ‘problem’ with male virginity

“Men of literally all ages – talking about the shame and pain of being a male virgin. They talk about feeling broken or unworthy, that they’ve missed some sort of open time frame where they could lose their virginity.” More >

Source:, Dr NerdLove

40 maps that explain the internet

Having trouble understanding the internet? Here are 40 maps that will help you better understand the internet — where it came from, how it works, and how it’s used by people around the world. More >

Source: Vox, Timothy B. Lee

HappyPlayTime: Making female masturbation friendly

Loving your body, in every way, is not a sin. No more shame, no more secrets. This little vulva is on a mission: to free the world from a silly social stigma. HappyPlayTime is a sex education game whose aim is to eliminate the stigma around female masturbation. More >

Source: The Next Web, Liraz Margalit

Do you use social media to manage your moods?

A study suggests that when we feel down we turn to social media to look for others who are worse off than us. More >


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