What are the emerging risks and challenges that women's rights advocates face in using technology for activism? How can we strategise to work more safely and securely online? What is the feminist politics of privacy, security and the right to participate on the internet?

Join us at the Feminist Tech Exchange on 18 April 2012, just before the 12th AWID International Forum, to explore and exchange ideas and strategies on the feminist politics and practices of online security, privacy and women's rights!

What is the FTX?

The FTX @ AWID Forum 2012 builds from the success of Feminist Tech eXchange (FTX) at the 2008 AWID Forum. This year, the FTX @ AWID Forum 2012 is a one-day event on 18 April 2012, taking place one day before the AWID Forum.

The theme of this FTX is focused on the area of security and privacy. This is because privacy and security is becoming an increasingly critical issue faced by feminist and women's rights advocates who are using the internet and other ICT for their advocacy and activism.

The FTX aims to create a dedicated and open exchange space, where organisations and activists working on diverse issues are able to come together and deepen our knowledge and understanding on the different dimensions of this issue - from surveillance by governments, data collection by corporations who run internet services, the ethics and politics of evidence building and publishing stories online, to improving our skills and ability to better protect our online security and practices, as well as that of the communities we work with.

Partners of the FTX include organisations and activists who are well-versed and experienced in the area, and you can expect to have rich and provocative conversations and skills-building sessions on this topic at the event.

Time & Venue

Date: 18 April 2012

Venue: Okalip Toplantı Hizmetleri A.Ş

Dr. Suphi Ezgü Sokak No: 8


Şişli İstanbul

Time: 9:00 - 18:00

What happens at the FTX?

There are 3 components to the FTX:

  1. Strategies x Skills

    Strategies x Skills sessions mixes hands on skills building on online security and good privacy practices with strategies for feminist activism and organising. Topics range from securing your social networks, to understanding how the internet works, to protecting your identity, to advocacy for human rights using video. Sessions run in parallel to each other and are organised by APC and partners including Tactical Tech Collective, Frontline Defenders, WITNESS and VNC.

  2. Feminist Tech Talks

    Listen to inspiring and creative ideas by activists on how they approached the internet and communications from feminist perspectives. Feminist Tech Talks features innovative campaigns, provocative ideas and reflective strategies from advocates working in different parts of the world.

  3. Open exchange

    There will be dedicated time and space just for conversations about anything that has to do with the internet, security and feminism. Bring your questions, knowledge and engagement!

How can you participate?

Send us an email if you're going to the AWID Forum, and would like to take part in the FTX. It happens one day before the Forum, so you will have to arrive on the 17th to make it. We will not be able to fund your accommodation or flight, but there is no registration and we will cover your local transport and meals during the day.

To participate, send us an email at: ftx@apcwomen.org. Space is limited, and we will let you know as soon as possible about confirmation of your participation.

UPDATE: FTX participation is now *closed*, but please join us at the Feminist ICT Hub at the AWID Forum for more conversations and skills exchange on the feminist politics and practices of technology!

Join us at the Feminist ICT Hub at the AWID Forum

If you can't make it for the FTX event, look for us at the Feminist ICT Hub at the AWID Forum. We will be running daily online security clinics from 16:45 - 17:30 (except day 4, 15:15-16:00). Or watch out for our mobile nurses as they roam the corridors of the Forum with a badge that says "Online safety - Ask me".

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