After quite a number of informal talks among gender-interested people at this year`s IGF, the following picture is beginning to emerge:

Value of the IGF:

Since women have not made enough inroads into national governments and big business decision-making structures, civil society is a crucial stakeholder to help promote gender equality and women`s issues. Hence, the IGF as a multi-stakeholder event is crucial to link gender advocacy up with internet governance.

However, IGF so far has failed to demonstrate a satisfactory engagement with gender issues. Thus, gender advocacy is direly needed, which makes it seem important to continue the Gender Dynamic Coalition. And in fact, we are really excited to have found new people who would be interesting in joining the Gender Dynamic Coalition, who we have added to this list. A big WELCOME!!!

Which way Gender Dynamic Coalition?

Instead of engaging with complex IG-related issues and stretching ourselves thin as in the past, we might decide to concentrate on a few basic issues this time around.

The most obvious issue to promote is a gender-balanced representation of men and women in IG scenarios including IGF, particularly as speakers.

A related issue is the need for capacity building for women in the area of internet governance.

Output and information dissemination

We think it would be a good idea to release a brief statement on these and possible other issues on day 4 of the IGF.

In order to facilitate information dissemination about the Gender Dynamic Coalition, could become its new home.

A broader discussion on the above and related issues is very welcome, so please respond if you can find the time.

So, ladies, let's go for it!

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