Talking about Section J: Girls and Social Media from Jan Moolman on Vimeo.

Rosemary Okello from the African Woman and Child Feature Service talks go Jan Moolman about how social media is changing the way girls and young women see and use media in Africa

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As many of you are in NYC I am immersed in a training with the ELIGE youth network on sexual and reproductive rights. Debate was lively yesterday due to hearing a radio show that stated that women make up 50% of social networking sites in Mexico - be it Facebook, Hi5, what have you. The reason given - of course because women can GOSSIP there!!!! No analysis was done as to what on earth men (who of course never gossip) might be doing in social media or how the importance of networking and building human relationships - even if in a virtual space - might have something to do with it. We are touching on privacy and security issues in our ICT training and how to handle privacy options. Discussions in the workshop also looked at if it matters if photos online in places such as FB show you as a drunken party monster - we talked about implications for the labor market (many were surprised to find out it is common NGO practice - not just business practice - to look people up on Facebook before hiring), but also given societal stereotypes what it means if an employer sees a drunken woman or a drunken man when they check out your profile.

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