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Amazon joins Google and Facebook in exposing tech’s gender gap

“The ethnic breakdown of Amazon’s workforce which was based on numbers of the company’s U.S workforce as of July 2014, revealed that 60 percent of its employees are white, 18 percent are black, 13 percent are Asian and 9 percent are Hispanic. At the leadership level, that divide increases: 71 percent of Amazon’s managers are white. More >

Source: Wired, Davey Alba

Negative and ‘rosier’ effects of social media revolution on foreign policy debated

“The social media revolution was truly revolutionary, changing “how we receive information, how we produce information, how we produce news,” but all these changes “don’t always have positive effects,” said Cameron Abadi, foreign correspondent and web editor for Foreign Affairs, during a public conversation titled ‘The internet, foreign reporting, and foreign policymaking.’ More >

Source: Yale News, Grace Brody

10 things you’re actually saying when you ignore someone’s gender pronouns

“8. Being who you truly are is an inconvenience to me.” How much of these 10 things are true? More >

Source: Everyday Feminism, Sam Dylan Finch

Zuckerberg answers big questions about Facebook, forced downloads of Messenger, and page reach

Zuckerberg gets asked “What can be done to get more women in tech?” More >

Source: Tech Crunch, Josh Constine

List of LGBTQ+ Term definitions

Skoliosexual: attracted to genderqueer and transsexual people and expressions (people who aren’t identified as cisgender). More >


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