Enter Feminist Africa 18 – offering a unique perspective to independent public discourse on the implications of global digitisation, presenting African perspectives that emerge out of feminist praxis across the continent. This issue follows up on issue 17 (Researching Sexuality with Young Women: Southern Africa, 2012), keeping pace with the rapid expansion of cyberfeminism by presenting the latest on African women’s ongoing and remarkable contribution to this global arena.

Feminists all over Africa continue to engage with the internet in ways that support creativity, activism, social connections, pleasure and change, strategically moving into the virtual world in ways that will continue – like Feminist Africa – to ensure voice and visibility for women’s rights.

Editorial: Feminist engagements with 21st-century communications technology – by Jennifer Radloff


Disrupting patriarchy: An examination of the role of e-technologies in rural Kenya – by Brenda Nyandiko Sanya

Digital as an enabler: A case study of the Joburg Pride 2012 clash – by Nyx McLean

Exploring new media technologies among young South African women – by Desiree Lewis, Tigist Shewarega Hussen and Monique van Vuuren

Sinking into oblivion? Ethnographic insights into the place of radio in the lives of women living in a rural community in Zimbabwe – by Selina Mudavanhu


The Asikana Network – by Chisenga Muyoya

Digital visual activism: A profile of Inkanyiso – by Kylie Thomas

In Conversation

Selina Mudavanhu with Maggie Mapondera

Jennifer Radloff with Jan Moolman

Hakima Abbas with Blessol Gathoni

Jane Bennett with Sally-Jean Shackleton


African feminist uprisings: Getting our knickers in knots – by Sarita Ranchod

Erotics: Sexuality, freedom of expression and online censorship – by Caroline Tagny and Jac SM Kee

Supporting Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex human rights defenders in the digital age – by Daniel O Clunaigh

Mobiles for development in Africa: Are we in danger of losing sight of the bigger picture? – by Kutoma J Wakunuma

Panty-slapped: Cyberactivism and African feminism join forces – by Bella Hwang

Digital security as feminist practice – by Jennifer Radloff

Is the success of M-Pesa empowering Kenyan rural women? – by Oumy Khairy Ndiaye


You can download all these articles in pdf format here .

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