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Hacking Hate: Building Collective Narratives of Resistance and Movements

Posted Fri 17 Jun 2022 - 02:12 | 2,061 views

The internet is a space for dissent and democracy but there is no doubt that it has also given space and amplified religion-based hate speech against communities and people. In this editorial Dhyta explores what is hate and what is hate speech, the failure and profit for the state and technology corporations to not address hate speech or to hold anybody accountable, and finally what are the…


Trans-sitting through Life

Posted Wed 13 Dec 2023 - 14:29 | 39 views

Trans-sitting through Life is a toolkit designed as a board game to support diversity and inclusion trainers and community workers with their transgender persons related sensitisation programmes and efforts. This game is designed to provide the players with an experience of the lived realities of transgender persons as they wade through different aspects of their life.

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Gendering of Development Data in India: Post-Trans Act 2019

Posted Mon 27 Nov 2023 - 21:00 | 280 views

Against much uproar from the transgender community, the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2019 was enacted by the Government of India in December 2019 to recognise and protect the rights of transgender persons. Opposition from the transgender community was due to several problematic provisions in the statute including the demand for surgical intervention…

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LGBTQIA+ Rights Are Not A Political Plaything

Posted Fri 2 Jun 2023 - 02:24 | 241 views

Despite pushback from the LGBTQIA+ communities and human rights bodies around the world, Uganda has passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that puts the safety of LGBTQIA+ folks' at risk in the country by institutionalising discrimination against them. In this piece, the writers comment on this draconian law and its impact on those already living on the margins.

Interrogating Transphobia Within The LGBTQIA+ Community

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Interrogating Transphobia Within The LGBTQIA+ Community

Posted Fri 10 Feb 2023 - 10:19 | 3,784 views

Where the LGBTQIA+ communities face discrimination across the spectrum, transgender, non-binary and gender diverse folks are discriminated against within the LGBTQIA+ spaces. Researchers Nyx McLean and Thurlo Cicero interrogate how TNBGD people experience this violence in four African countries.

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Digital Waves of Hate: The Struggle Continues for Pakistan’s Transgender Community

Posted Fri 27 Jan 2023 - 01:41 | 1,752 views

The transgender community in Pakistan has constantly been subjected to persecution and violence hindering their participation in 'normal' life. This violence has increasingly been mirrored into digital world leading to plethora of hashtag campaigns initiated to damage the struggles of the community.


Towards trans prosperity

Posted Mon 5 Dec 2022 - 01:40 | 588 views

This edition encompasses the fused multiverses coexisting among trans populations, across the Latin American Global South, also known by the Kuna peoples as Abya Yala. From visual arts to political science, this writing collection maps and highlights best practices engaging with technology as a tool for political emancipation, autonomy and self-determination.

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The Theology of Transmutation

Posted Thu 1 Dec 2022 - 06:10 | 1,582 views

Ventura Profana, a Brazilian artist and writer, narrates an Afrofuturist manifesto engagingtrans epistemology and theological studies to examine the colonial legacies and historical choreographies of the white supremacist matrix; Ventura explores the historical instrumentalisation of Christianity as a device for the maintenance of whiteness. In her artistic practice, involving digital collage…

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Maricón-temporary strategies for socio-political impact in Latin America: technology and subversion

Posted Thu 1 Dec 2022 - 05:43 | 902 views

Sol Ámbar Sánchez Latorre, sociologist, writer and activist, writes about the progress of juridicial processes in Colombia, expanding on the scope of communications and digital media facilitating political mobilisation for trans, travesti and non-binary people; in her writing, she interrogates the realm of representation and exposes the ways in which violence is replicated.

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Gender Diversity In STEAM: Challenges And Possibilities In Leadership For Trans Workers In Latin America

Posted Thu 1 Dec 2022 - 01:02 | 1,258 views

Tatiana Buelvas Valdiris, an expert consultant in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, writes an article from the perspective of cis-trans alliances, and how civil society organisations, the private sector, and academia can establish connections to enable labor inclusion and leadership.