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IT For Change

Asia-Pacific, South & Central Asia

TfC (IT For Change) is a non-profit organisation located in India that envisions a society capable of, and comfortable with, innovative and effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT) as a tool, to further goals of progressive social change. They are a network of development professionals committed to engage with the on-going technology and development discourse by reviewing, interpreting and critiquing existing approaches and conceptualizing alternatives to blend technological possibilities with development realities in the South.

Women's Information TechnologyTransfer

Southern Eastern Europe

Women's Information Technology Transfer (WITT) is both a website, providing ICTs strategic information to all, and supporting Central and Eastern European women in developing a web as an instrument in their social activism. WITT is committed to bringing women's actions, activities and struggles to the spotlight, promoting the use of free software as a way to highlight women's voices.

GenderChanger Academy


The Gender Changer Academy is a nonprofit organisation by women for women, its primary goal being to improve women's understanding and skills with regards to computer hardware.

Grupo Origem

Latin America, South America

The ORIGEM is a non-profit civil society association created with the objective to promote and defend breast-feeding. It also provides training in ICTs for women and men in its community telecenter. Origem has created the project Digital Via Lactea, through which community groups working to promote breast-feeding are being trained to use ICTs in order to express and foster their work and be articulated as a network.

Feminist International Radio Endeavour (FIRE)

Latin America

Provides live Internet and recorded broadcast listings on international Women's issues - themes include neo-liberal policies, women's human rights, the environment, racism, disabilities, militarism, sexualities, education, arts and culture. FIRE’s feminist perspective is not simply about 'women’s rights'; it is about raising women’s voices and perspectives on all issues - voices that are not only absent but are actively silenced and excluded from global debates.

Comunicación, Intercambio y Desarrollo Humano en America Latina

Latin America, North America

Organization created with the aim of contributing with solid institutions towards the gender equity as a central axis to improve the quality of life through health services, education, communication and information, fostering the citizen participation and the respect for human rights.

Gender Education, Research and Technologies Foundation (GERT)


GERT is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, working in Bulgaria. The mission of GERT is to initiate and implement, independently or in partnership with other NGOs activities targeted to enhance gender equality and social & gender justice in all spheres of social life, including access to and benefit from new technologies.

Women's Electronic Network Training


The Women's Electroninic Networking Training (WENT) promotes the use of information and communication technology to enhance women's role and capacity in social and policy advocacy.

Agéncia Latinoamericana de Información

Latin America

The Latin American Information Agency -ALAI- is a communications organization, committed to the full respect of human rights, gender equality and people's participation in development and policy making in Latin America. Its actions are part of the struggle for the democratization of communication, as a basic prerequisite for democratic society and social justice.


Asia-Pacific, South & Central Asia

MAHITI provides Information and Communication Technology services to the civil sector specialising in multi-platform, multi-lingual web, intranet, multimedia and kiosk applications.