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Gender Assessments and Research

Engendering Information & Communication Technologies: Challenges & Opportunities for Gender-Equitable Development

The brochure highlights ways on how to engender ICTs and explores the World Bank's efforts to address gender issues in information technology projects.

Gender and ICT in the Philippines: A Proposed Policy Framework

By Jointly-prepared by the Philippine Legislators' Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc., and WomensHub (APC WNSP member, Philippines) Asia-Pacific, Philippines, Southeast Asia

This paper seeks to recommend a policy framework that will address the goal of mobilising ICT to advance gender equality and women's empowerment.

Gender Equality and Poverty Reduction in the Knowledge Society

By Sophia Huyer

The emphasis on ICT as a tool of economic and social empowerment for underprivileged women raises new research questions that are relevant both for advocacy and project work by NGOs as well as for policy intervention by national and international bodies. The paper assesses women&#8217;s access to and use of ICTs for social empowerment and poverty reduction.<br /> <br />

Poverty Reduction, Gender Equality and the Knowledge Society: Digital Exclusion or Digital Opportunities

By Sophia Huyer and Swasti Mitter

The paper is based on the premise that any strategies to increase the participation of women in the information economy will increase national IT capacity, reduce poverty, and help to raise the national standard of living. It summarises international discourse on the connections between gender equality and poverty reduction, and defines the context of the knowledge society, including the digital and gender divides.<br />


Asian Women and Labor Migration: The Beijing +5 Review


This paper addresses the particular issue of women and migration under the critical area of women and the economy.

Report from the ICT Training for Bulgarian Women

By Christina Haralanova , Maria Velichkova Bulgaria

The report is based on the experience from the ICT Training for Bulgarian Women from NGOs

Tester Report: Capacity Building of Lithuanian Women Through ICT & Networking

By Jurgita Peciuriene Lithuania

This document presents project “Capacity Building of Lithuanian Women Through ICT & Networking” evaluation of a feedback from women who attended courses on Computer Basics and Internet.


Statement by Ms. Audrone Morkuniene, Secretary of the Ministry of Social Security and Labour

By Audrone Morkuniene Lithuania

Author examines impact of information and communication technologies on advancement and empowerment of women.<br />

She figures 2003

EU, Europe, New EU Countries

The "She Figures 2003" report provides a detailed statistical analysis of women's participation in all aspects of science (education, employment, and research), existing gender differences across scientific fields and gender equality in setting the scientific agenda.

Women & Science: Statistics and Indicators

EU, Europe, New EU Countries

Website contain indicators on the subject of women and science for the 25 EU Member States.