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Women, science and technology: Measuring recent progress towards gender equality

By August Götzfried EU, Europe, New EU Countries

Latest Eurostat data show that although women are still significantly under-represented in scientific and engineering disciplines, the numbers of female graduates in these fields have increased over the last few years. The new figures on “Women, science and technology: Measuring recent progress towards gender equality" provide continuing evidence of a narrowing of the gender gap for graduates in “hard sciences”, especially in technologies and engineering.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Gender Equality

By Dr. Eva M. Rathgeber

E-discussion on the impact of ICT on gender relations and the ways ICT can be used to overcome gender inequalities. sharing ideas, opinions, concerns, and lessons learned with development practitioners, policy makers, and academics.


Crisis and Need: Information and Communication Technology in Development Initiatives Runs through a Paradox

By Ahmed Swapan Mahmud

The paper calls for a shift in national and global policies in order to respond to the growing digital divide within countries and among developed and developing countries.

E-commerce and Development Report 2003

By UNCTAD secretariat

The annual UNCTAD report analyses, from a development perspective, recent trends and advances in information and communication technologies (ICT), such as e-commerce and e-business, and examines their applications in developing countries.

Women's entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe and CIS countries

By Ewa Ruminska-Zimny Europe

In Europe women become entrepreneurs on average twice less often than men. The UNECE Programme on Women’s Entrepreneurship aims at raising awareness of problems of women entrepreneurs by enhancing dialogue and promoting the exchange of best practices and recommending policies. This study includes select papers adopted from the First Forum of Women Entrepreneurs and meeting of the Team of Specialists on Women’s Entrepreneurship held in October 2001. The study has three parts. Part one presents a regional overview of the situation and problems of women entrepreneurs. Part two includes country experiences. And the final part discusses the importance of networks and the benefits of connecting women-run enterprises to the global digital economy.

Access to Financing and ICT for Women Entrepreneurs in the UNECE region:Challenges and Good Practice

By Ewa Ruminska-Zimny Europe

This report looks at women’s access to financing and ICT within progress and perspectives from selected countries and sub-regions in the area covered by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE).

Creating a Development Dynamic: Final Report of the Digital Opportunity Initiative

By Accenture, Markle Foundation, United Nations Development Programme

The report covers ICT applications in health, education, participatory democracy and environmental movements.

Gender Assessments and Research

Action Items for Gender Equality in the Information Society

By NGO Gender Strategies Working Group

The document outlines concrete recommendations for actions in a myriad of areas to address problems of gender equity in ICTs, ranging from basic access issues to decision making power and presence.<br /> <br />

Some thoughts on gender and telecommunications/ICT statistics and indicators

By Nancy J. Hafkin

The paper emphasises the importance of gender disaggregated statistics and indicators in informing national and global ICT policies.

Gender Aspects of Changes in the Labour Markets in Transition Economies

By Ewa Ruminska-Zimny Europe

The Paper presents a gender perspective on trends and policy implications of changes on the labour markets during the first ten years of the transition process within a context of UNECE activities in the area of Gender and Economy. It has three parts. Part I shows gender asymmetry in selected labour market developments based on available data. Part II presents policy implications and part III UNECE programmes and activities.